Not satisfied with the status quo, our company is committed to bringing the brightest ideas, the latest innovation and the best quality to every job.

To maintain these high standards, we have our own crew of quality craftsmen and do not subcontract every single phase of construction. Our own people do a large portion of the work to ensure high levels of quality in not only the finishing touches you can see, but also the foundations and structure that you can’t see inside the walls. Unlike builders who subcontract most tasks, we have direct control over the details of every project.

In contrast to common stereotypes, we bring a very high level of professionalism to the construction industry. We don’t rely on “rules of thumb” or guess at certain construction specifications, but count on the professionals we hire to deliver a sound product. From soil testing to structural engineering and energy certifications, we use the right people for the right jobs to engineer a quality product – a Smart product – that we can be proud of.